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HVAC filter replacement is an important part of optimizing your indoor air quality. Replacing the filter also keeps HVAC units running efficiently. During the hot summer months in Louisiana, the last thing you want to worry about is your air conditioning unit.

A new HVAC air filter can protect you from unnecessary AC repairs and issues during the summer heat. It also helps your HVAC system stay working properly and keeps energy bills low. 

But what if you’re an allergy sufferer or deal with constant pet hair from your cat or dog? These factors, combined with the type of air filter you’re using, can complicate your HVAC filter replacement timeline. 

So, when should you think about HVAC filter replacement? It depends on the quality of your system, how much you use it, and your health and pets. 

What Is an HVAC Filter? How Does an HVAC Filter Work?

Most air filters come from spun fiberglass or pleated paper and are framed with cardboard for stability. An HVAC air filter is inserted into a specific place within a return air duct, usually in a hallway vent or some other place in your home. 

An HVAC air filter prevents particles and contaminants from entering your HVAC system or circulating within the air. Most air filters work to block dirt, bacteria, lint, dust, and debris from entering your space. 

How Often to Change an HVAC Air Filter?

Most air filter manufacturers recommend a general rule of 30 days for replacement of less expensive fiberglass filters. If you’re using more expensive pleated air filters, a general rule of thumb is within 90 days. 

However, there are additional factors to consider if you’re an allergy sufferer or a pet owner. Allergens and pet hair can trigger health issues if you’re not changing your HVAC air filter frequently enough.

4 Reasons to Change an HVAC Air Filter More Often

Replacing your air filter in 30 or 90 days is a standard guideline, but there are situations when you might need to think about replacing your HVAC air filter more often. Depending on your health, you might want to consider changing it as early as 20 days. 

Here are 4 reasons to change an HVAC air filter more often than the general rule recommends:

1- Allergies and Asthma

People with allergies or respiratory conditions are more sensitive to dirty air. For this reason, it’s recommended that you change your HVAC air filter between 20 and 45 days. 

2- Pets

Many people own a cat, dog, or another furry pet that sheds hair. Pet hair can clog filters and cause them to become ineffective. If you have a pet, we recommend replacing your HVAC equipment every 60 days. This includes air filters, furnace filters, and filter traps to ensure your HVAC system operates properly. 

3- Home Size

HVAC filter replacement frequency also depends on the size of your home. Smaller homes need fewer HVAC filter changes than larger homes. An HVAC system is required to pump more air for the same temperature change in a larger home. This is why larger homes need more frequent HVAC filter replacement than smaller homes.

4- Frequency of HVAC System Usage

The more you use your HVAC system, the quicker your air filter will clog with dust and debris. HVAC units go through increased cycles of use that trap more particles than usual. This is especially true during spring and early summer when there’s an increased number of allergens in the air. 

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