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Many homeowners forget about their air ducts, and trust us, we understand why. It’s easy to assume that nothing but air passes through, so why should you worry about dirty air ducts? In a perfect world, this would be the case, but unfortunately, duct systems pile up dust each and every day. That same dust comes into your home, the air you breathe, and even affects your children and pets. So is cleaning your ductwork important? Of course it is, and if you haven’t gotten yours looked at, here is why you should be on the phone with your local air duct services ASAP.

New Dust Collects in Your Ductwork Every Day

Believe it or not, new dust is collecting in your ductwork as you read this! Have you ever wiped down surfaces in your home, just to check back 5 minutes later and see a bit of dust? The same thing is happening in your air ducts. Your air filters do a great job of collecting as much dust as possible, but you shouldn’t go too long just relying on them to do the job.

What does this dust do to your home? As dust and dirt in air ducts pile up, your HVAC system blows it into your home and the air you breathe. The more harmful particles in your air ducts, the more health risks you pose to the people in your home. Louisiana homeowners already have trouble battling the harsh summer sun, and adding more to your plate only makes summer days that much more stressful.

Ductwork Cleaning Is Extremely Difficult and Requires a Pro

It’s not easy to get into your ductwork. Air ducts are very tight spaces that you can’t fit into, and you need flexible tools and materials to see what you’re doing and to clean effectively. While not every particle will necessarily enter your living spaces, leaving dust behind can affect your heating and cooling system and attract more dust and debris. Taking the easy way out with a quick dusting or two does nothing but make marginal upgrades. Calling a pro can ensure that each nook and cranny of your ductwork is covered.

Air Duct Damage Can Be Hard to Detect — and Easy to Create

If air ducts are not properly sealed, you can lose out on precious cooled or heated air that makes your HVAC system work harder. All that does is take money out of your wallet, leading to expensive repairs and longer-running systems. On top of that, damage to your air ducts is difficult to notice and requires expertise to diagnose.

Not only is damage hard to discover, but it’s very easy to throw your whole system out of whack with a few mistakes. Your air ducts are a simple system, but it’s very intricate and can be dislodged fairly easily if you don’t know what you’re doing. Repair costs can add up quickly if you accidentally tear down walls and break vital connections.

Rodents, Mold, and Other Pests Are Dangerous

Another consequence of letting your air ducts pile up dust is the fact that harmful substances like mold and mildew can get trapped inside. While studies conclusively demonstrate that particles in your air ducts commonly found on surfaces (think minor dust bunnies) aren’t big threats in small quantities, mold and mildew are very big problems and need to be addressed immediately. On top of their health risks, they can attract rodents that eat through your system and create leaks in your ducts. 

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