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HVAC maintenance agreements are in style, and not just because they’re a new, fancy way to service your HVAC units. HVAC maintenance contracts provide efficient methods for homeowners to keep their units operating at peak performance for as long as possible. By trusting in the skills of some of the finest AC maintenance professionals in the industry, homeowners have the closest way to guarantee they maximize the lifespan of their units. 

But what are these maintenance contracts, and what benefits do they provide that differentiates them from the pack? Let’s explore why homeowners in Morgan City, LA, and anyone else that uses an HVAC unit should sign up for a maintenance contract.

What Are HVAC Maintenance Agreements?

HVAC maintenance or service contracts cover the many homeowners who find it difficult to schedule timely maintenance for their heating and air conditioning systems. These service contracts outline dates for scheduled maintenance — often twice a year — and outline how and what technicians will check for in your unit. Maintenance contracts usually cover any of the following factors that go into your HVAC system service:

Getting an annual HVAC service gives homeowners peace of mind, but we know how difficult it can be to keep track of service. A service agreement puts the onus on us to get the job done for you.

Wait, Why Do I Need Maintenance?

Like your car, maintenance visits are the only way to keep your units running at peak performance. Without maintenance, homeowners cannot know if any problems are developing in their units or if any parts need repairs or replacements. Maintenance can also spruce up certain parts that need a bit of a refresher to get back on track. This type of care extends the lifespan of AC units and can help HVAC companies gain insight into what you need now and what you may need in the future.

How Can I Benefit From an HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

Agreements are fancy and all, but they’d be no good if they didn’t help homeowners. Fortunately, maintenance agreements provide longevity for HVAC systems and keep money in homeowners’ pockets — and who wouldn’t want that? Here are some more of the benefits an HVAC maintenance plan provides you.

Detect Problems Early

Early detection is the best way to prevent costly repairs and get ahead of issues before they necessitate a larger fix. Maintenance agreements are planned around your machine, combining unit demands, requirements, and some tips and skills from our contractors to formulate an effective plan.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Home

Not only can a lack of maintenance cause problems with your unit, but it can also take a sizeable chunk out of your energy bill. The more systems work to produce cool or hot air, the higher your energy bill goes. This change might not be visible immediately, but over time you might be paying a much larger energy bill than if you signed up for a maintenance plan.

Improve the Longevity of Your HVAC Unit

HVAC units aren’t cheap to replace, so why run yours down faster than you need to? You wouldn’t pay outright for a car and take years off its lifespan, so don’t waste the good years of your HVAC unit. A simple maintenance plan is all homeowners need to get plenty of years out of a system.

Maintain the Warranty on Your HVAC Unit

One thing homeowners don’t know much about is that maintenance needs to be done to keep the warranties on their units. If a major component fails earlier than it should, warranties may be voided if it’s found that you didn’t do the bare minimum to protect the parts. Get an HVAC service plan and save money on any part repairs.

What Are You Waiting For? Get an HVAC Maintenance Plan From Reggie Broussard’s Air Conditioning and Heating!

If it’s time for your HVAC maintenance agreement, reach out to the experts at Reggie Broussard’s Air Conditioning and Heating today! Our expert technicians know units inside and out, and a plan is the best way to transfer our knowledge to you as efficiently as possible. Contact us today and fight the summer heat or cold winter weather with an HVAC maintenance plan for your Morgan City, LA, home today!