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Following your gut will usually lead you in the right direction, so you should probably listen if your gut has been telling you that you need an AC tune up. You’ll be better off getting routine maintenance to avoid costly repairs and even damages that lead to a replacement. It’s not just enough to trust an invisible feeling in your stomach, so identifying a few common signs that your air conditioning unit needs a tune up can help you decide if you need to contact your local air conditioning professionals.

You Hear Strange Sounds From Your System

The best way to tell if you need AC maintenance is to use your senses, and hearing strange sounds from your system is a key indicator that you might have a cooling system issue. Strange sounds can be a buzzing, humming, or banging sound that differs from the daily sounds of your AC. A damaged motor might cause a humming sound, and a slight buzz can indicate issues with airflow. A banging sound should be addressed immediately, as it could mean your system has severe internal problems.

You Have Weak Airflow From Your Vents

Are the rooms in your home different temperatures from one another? This could be a sign that you have poor insulation protecting your rooms from the outside elements or that your AC unit is having trouble cooling your home. Poor airflow can stem from multiple factors, including dirty air filters that can lead to allergies and dirt heading into your home and leaking air ducts that lose air within your home walls.

You Have a Nasty Smell Coming From Your A/C

Are you starting to smell a nasty odor coming from your AC with no explanation of its origins? You likely have a dirty AC filter that has collected mold and mildew, and you might even have animals that have penetrated your home and died somewhere in your air ducts. The best way to improve air quality is to change out your air filter or contact local air conditioning system professionals for an expert duct cleaning.

Your Humidity Levels Are Through the Roof

Your AC should easily be able to process the humidity in your home. If your home is beginning to feel as sticky as it does outdoors, it’s probably time for you to get it checked out. High humidity levels can lead to mold or moisture in areas around your home, and unhealthy mold spores can pop up and put you and your family’s health at risk. 

Your Utility Bills Are High

Have your utility bills been increasing gradually over time? Or maybe there was one gradual rising of your bills before stagnating at this much higher price point. The effectiveness of your unit will taper off over time as you get further and further away from its inception, and your unit will have to work harder to cool your home. That’s why regular maintenance is important, and if you look back at your previous energy bills and notice a system that’s putting a strain on your budget, it might be time for an AC system tune up. 

Water Leaks From Your AC

Water leaks are another issue that you don’t want to hesitate to call a professional to address. Water leaking can stem from multiple issues, including clogged drain pipes or refrigerant leaks. Leaks can damage your unit beyond repair and might even cause problems within your home if the leak goes too far. 

Don’t Put Aside Your AC Tune Up

It can be tempting to hope that all your AC issues go away without needing your interference. You never want to risk the health of your unit, especially if you have to deal with the hot Louisiana summer sun. Turn to Reggie Broussard’s Air Conditioning and Heating if you want to extend the life of your AC system. Contact us today if you’re experiencing any of these issues, and we’ll send out a professional to assess the condition of your unit.