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AC Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Morgan County, LA

Your home’s air conditioner can last upwards of 20 years, delivering cool air throughout your home and operating at its optimal efficiency. However, your system loses some of its efficiency over time, and if you aren’t careful, you’ll need a brand new unit well before you should. However, if you follow a regular air conditioning maintenance plan, your system can last for the full 20 years. With the help of the AC maintenance services from Morgan City’s Reggie Broussard’s Air Conditioning & Heating, you can.

Our team specializes in thorough air conditioner maintenance plans that keep your system from suffering from the types of avoidable breakdowns that can lead to needing a full replacement. Our team uses their decades of experience to instill confidence in our customers that their AC unit will last for many Louisiana summers.

Our AC maintenance services have helped countless homeowners throughout Morgan City and beyond get their units looked at before any underlying issue worsens. Our service area goes beyond our city limits and includes:

  • Houma
  • Franklin
  • Baldwin
  • Jeanerette
  • New Iberia
  • Youngsville
  • Thibodaux
  • Patterson
  • Berwick
  • Centerville

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Providing Much-Needed AC Tune-Ups

While some homeowners believe that their AC unit doesn’t need to get looked at until a problem arises, they could be missing clear signs that their unit requires routine maintenance that can prevent more expensive repairs. Reggie Broussard’s experienced AC maintenance contractors understand that your unit is a complex piece of machinery, and regular maintenance can help give it a longer life.

Your home requires regular AC tune-ups to be ready for the heavy usage summer season. Knowing that you have done everything you can with your air conditioning maintenance plan helps give you the confidence going into every summer that your AC unit is ready for the Louisiana heat.

When people consider their AC may need a tune-up, the inevitable question ends up being what it will cost. AC maintenance costs can run anywhere between $50-$200 for routine tune-ups and sometimes a little more for more in-depth tune-ups. However, compared to getting your unit replaced, AC maintenance costs look much more manageable for homeowners. Our AC maintenance services have helped countless homeowners in Morgan City keep their air conditioners going well into their second decade.

A woman turning on a ductless air conditioner.

Professional AC Maintenance for Your Home

When you need to get your home ready for the summer months, professional AC maintenance helps give your home the extra boost it needs. Our experts will come out to your home and examine your system, run through our checklist, and take the time to ensure your system is ready to go for the summer busy season.

Our AC maintenance services have helped countless homeowners in Morgan City keep their AC systems in excellent condition, but sometimes we find more significant issues. If our inspection finds that your system needs more extensive repairs, we offer a wide array of AC services to help get it ready for the summer. These services include:

Expert AC Maintenance Contractors in Morgan County, LA

There is nothing worse for a Morgan City home than its AC system breaking down during the year’s hottest months. Our AC maintenance services are designed to give your unit a fighting chance to avoid major disruptions to your service and operate at consistently high efficiency during its lifespan. We work with our customers to determine the best cadence for their air conditioner maintenance and ensure it’s ready for the summer.

We have helped homeowners throughout Louisiana keep their air conditioning units working at their peak efficiency, including Houma, Franklin, Baldwin, Jeanerette, New Iberia, Youngsville, Thibodaux, Patterson, Berwick, and Centerville. If you think you can get more out of your unit, our AC maintenance services can provide the edge you need! Contact us to get your free initial estimate and schedule a maintenance plan today!